Purposs Content Policy


Purposs is a community platform that allows users to upload, view, share and comment on posted content. Photos that appear on the Purposs platform may contain inaccurate content. Photos may be a combination of stock, licensed, user uploaded, filtered, geo-filtered content etc. By using Purposs you agree that Purposs, its partners its affiliates, its content contributors & our participating Merchants or Vendors will not be held liable for any inaccuracies of these photos. If you do not agree to this Content Policy, please do not use our services. We want our community to be healthy and supportive, and ask that you carefully read and respect our Terms of Service  (TOS). Some key points are below.


Reported content:


Under current law, Purposs does not monitor content uploaded to the site. We do, however, rely on our community to notify us of any inappropriate behavior or content. All reported content (video, photo or comment) is systematically checked and removed if it infringes our Content Policy, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Respect the community: a little reminder about using Purposs responsibly.


Purposs does not accept shocking or objectionable. The following are completely prohibited:

Pornographic material/Content that can incite physical violence or harassment, especially incitement to racial hatred


In cases of flagrant violation of these terms, we may report the content and its uploader to the relevant authorities.


Respect copyright and personality or likeness rights:


All works whatsoever (articles, books, songs, movies ... and videos!) can only be reproduced with the permission of its creator, the author: this is the base of copyright. A work belongs to its author or rights owner, and he or she alone can consent to any reuse or reproduction. Likewise, individuals have a right to control images of their own likeness, and you cannot film people and distribute the video without their consent.


When you want to upload a video or photo to Purposs, you must, in accordance with our content policy, make sure you have permission of any other authors implied in its production (director, screenwriter, musician, etc .).


Express yourself, but be courteous to others:


Purposs invites all users to participate by posting photos, videos or commenting on photos and videos posted by others. However, we do not tolerate content that incite hatred, deny the Holocaust, or that otherwise constitutes hateful speech towards people or communities on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.


It is crucial to respect the other members of the community: we won’t permit any threats, insults, persecution, harassment, or disclosure of personal information of other users. If we receive reports of such behavior, the users’ accounts will be suspended immediately.


Don’t Spam:


To keep the site clean and easy to use, please do not create titles, descriptions or tags unrelated to the content you are posting in order to increase the number of views or otherwise advertise to other users. Similarly, content and comments that violate the rules mentioned above will be removed.


Get more from Purposs:


We strongly encourage you to take advantage of all features that are offered on the platform. Upload your photos, your videos, share and exchange with those who share your interest, but keep it clean!


By posting content on Purposs, you agree to abide by these Guidelines and other Purposs policies. We reserve the right to remove content, in whole or part, that violates these guidelines or the Purposs Privacy Policy, or for any other reason in our sole discretion.


In the event of repeated or severe violations, we may suspend or cancel the account(s) in question. Purposs's determination on whether any specific content is prohibited will be final and conclusive.


You can contact us or flag Group posts to report content that violates our Privacy or Content Policy Guidelines.


Business Listings and Profiles


We expect Merchants to create business listings that are honest, clear, and helpful to potential Gifters.


We prohibit:





Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of our community.


We prohibit:



Deploying & Publishing Content Through Employee Advocacy On Purposs